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Growth in the Translation Industry

Organizations such as the United Nations are hiring translators who can deal with a lot of sensitive issues

In an article on CNBC, Kate Rodgers emphasizes the increasing demand for translators and interpreters in today’s world. As the world is becoming an increasingly connected place, the growth rate of the translation industry has nearly doubled within seven years. ATA’s Rumsey says It's a lifelong practice, and it requires keeping up not only your language skills but your subject matter skills so that you really understand the industries and fields you are working in.” At once, there was an apparent fear of technology replacing humans as demands for services increased, but in the translation industry the opposite has occurred. Even though translation technologies are improving, the amount of content to be translated requires an actual human who is specialized in the language and can produce accurate results.

Translating at the United Nations

As a translator, one becomes enriched both professionally and interpersonally due to the multiculturality and cooperation involved. It is not only companies who are looking for skilled translators, but organizations such as the United Nations are also hiring translators who can deal with a lot of sensitive issues, the member states demand the best from the translators. “Each year, thousands of people apply to take the organization's language competitive exam so they can work as translators with the organization, but only a few hundred, like Ghia El Bardan, are successful,” states Rodgers. El Barden is putting her language skills to work at the U.N., translating documents from English and French into her native Arabic.

At Merrimack Translations, we are very much dedicated to the role of human translators. Translation technologies help our translators to maintain consistency of terminology.

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